In the scenario, Project GOVernix is a secret code name of a government program. The outcome is a mother toolkit for babies which can make them feel love but also control their minds and shape their behavior. It is designed by a commercial company and pitched to the government organization with the aim of ‘developing’ future citizens, in order to exact obedience of them and promote the resurgence and prosperity of society. Due to a hidden awarding system beside the facade, the toolkit holds a variety of functions which are specific to both caring for and brainwashing the baby who lies in it.


This toolkit includes seven parts to constitute the hidden awarding system.The baby who lies in it can get awards from the system subtly depends on his/her expression:

Double-sided Head
Facade Function: Rotating and changing side depending on the current emotion of babies, which will help them build the self-awareness and the concept of others.

Hidden Function: When babies get awards and good experience from the mother toolkit, they will see the the happy face. Vice versa, they will see the unhappy face when they cannot have awards. Due to the lack of knowledge about the causal relationship, babies wIll believe the faces are the reason of awards.

Facade Function: Detecting the emotion of babies in order to make the mother toolkit satisfy baby's’ needs.
Hidden Function: It collect the information about citizens from their baby stage so that the government can classify citizens depending on these information which will influence the destiny of every person.

Feeding Tool
Facade Function: Feeding babies automatically.
Hidden Function: Infants have an innate preference for sweet foods and this tool can adjust the sweetness of the milk. When babies’ performances are happy and quiet, they can taste more sweet milk from the tool.

Whisper Tool
Facade Function: Whispering and simulating the mother’s breaths to keep babies relaxed and calm.
Hidden Function: The content of whisper can lead babies to learn the standard of future citizens. When babies scream, there would be some high frequency voices hidden in whisper that are annoying for babies but impossible to be heard by adults.

Belly Tool
Facade Function: Beneficial for enhancing the mental health and sensory perception of babies. It can adjust and simulate the temperature of the human body. The baby can also enjoy the similar experience similar to lying on a mother’s body.
Hidden Function: After screaming, the belly will become a little cooler for a short period with irregular breaths which will make baby uncomfortable.

Touching Hands
Facade Function: Massaging babies for relaxation according to their emotions with different power and methods, which are beneficial for baby growth.
Hidden Function: The experience and the comfort level depends on the expression of babies.

Facade Function: Helping parents watch and take care of their babies. The monitor can broadcast some early-education videos on the official website where has many options and updates.
Hidden Function: These videos are designed carefully to subtly shape the perspective and values system of babies.

The project aims to produce doubt about our perspectives of the world, and question whether our values are always correct, and where they come from. Suspecting ourselves might be a way to understand other people and the world.

Our values depend on our groups, and our cultural background, which keep the tribes together and keep ourselves safe, but circle and limit our opinions at the same time. I hope our opinion could be more flexible and be more open minded for people who disagree with us. Then having a conversation and opportunity to know each other instead of argue.



隐藏功能:帮助政府收集公民从小数据,做备案 ,让政府更易分类公民。

隐藏功能:可调节甜度,婴儿越舔越喜欢,当婴儿对外界表现欢愉友好时,婴儿可以品尝到 更美味的奶。
隐藏功能:耳语内容暗示如何成为更符 合社会价值的人。当婴儿哭闹时,在耳语中会夹杂着成人难以听到的高频音警告,会让婴儿有不舒服的 听觉体验。

表面功能:身体接触有利于婴儿的感官以及心理健康发育,人造肚子可以调节、模拟人体温度,并由于气阀 可以模拟呼吸的浮动,让婴儿有依附在母体上的感觉。
隐藏功能:当婴儿哭闹后的一段时间里,肚子会变的冰冷, 并呼吸节奏絮乱不规律,这会造成婴儿一定程度上的恐慌。


隐藏功能:节目经过 精心设计,能够潜移默化影响婴儿价值观念。


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