Half Albatross Half Pigeon

TYPE:Earth Art + Perfomance Art + Installation

This creation is spurred by the awkwardness in my heart having been away from my hometown for 13 years. Nowadays, whenever I go home, I feel myself chocked with emotions. I feel detached from this land which lacks energy and is full of negativity. One is constrained to leave the place, but my own selfishness pulls me back. The people here go away one by one, believing that leaving this place will lead them to a better life far away. They are the like Albatrosses that take off against the wind, looking for directions on the innocent sea. But the human and his homeland cannot be easily disconnected. It always keeps on pulling on the softest part of the person's heart. There is a Pigeon hidden inside the heart of the person, who always keeps looking in the direction of his homeland.

I have combined the two intentions of the Albatross and the Pigeon. My mind imagines a vehicle that allows me to fly. The main body of this vehicle is like the Albatross with huge wings, showing the attitude and power to fly far away. The small tail or the back of the vehicle is a pigeon. As the vehicle takes off towards the sky, the tail or the Pigeon is looking at the land that it left below, reluctantly and helplessly. The people away from their homelands are like this Albatross and the Pigeon, who fight against their inner thoughts and bear the weight of faith find suddenly that they have become strangers on this Earth.

When I wish to express the emotions and connections between my homeland and my homeless people, I think of using Land Art to create the most powerful expression on land. I place a section of Red ribbon on the tail of the installation, and fix the other end to the bracket on the ground. When the installation slowly moves forward, red marks will be left on the ground. This will show the connection between the homeland and the displaced. . A seed dispenser could be placed on the handle of the installation, and when the person leaves his hometown, he leaves behind the seeds too! These seeds will sprout and grow to record the time of leaving, and also grow to cherish the fantasies of the displaced persons. Perhaps one day the Albatross and Pigeon will fly back to their hometown, look at the lush green land, sigh at the passage of time, and gently murmur, "I am back."

大地艺术 + 表演 + 装置 






影像:崔凯  温鹏
特别感谢:张斯童  刘鸿铖  孟凡


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