TITLE: Watcher

"Watcher" carries our thoughts about the infinite inclusiveness of the internet, the title comes from Chuang Tzu  "Rather than leave them to moisten each other with their damp and spittle it would be far better to let them forget themselves in their native rivers and lakes.” the original meaning refers that  fish can support each other when they are out from water, but not as good as leaving each other to join Lakes and oceans to be free. Chuang TZu used fish as a metaphor to point out that the restraints on people impeded their freedom. Human beings, as the sum of social relationships, have too many restraints and restrictions in real lives. Compared to the real world, the internet is as inclusive as the ocean, everyone can travel inside and seeing one another at the same time, yet maintain a safe distance. The net embodies and embraces all the emotions.

We try to pay tribute to the infinite mind with limited space, showing how the internet impressed us in other ways. The main body of the device is made of different transparency glasses, with two transparent LED displays inside. There are entrances on both sides of the device. After the product tester enters the device’s space from one side of the entrance, the scene on the other side can be observed through the LED screen. When the LED screen is touched, the scene will show ripples. "The mirror is not an instrument of enlightenment but of illusion." In this space, the tester can see each other , but when they want to touch each other, since the LED screen separates them, testers can only touch each other's virtual image, but the virtual image will fade away like a phantom.

This form of staring at each other is inspired by The Artist Is Present, a work by performance artist Marina Abramovic. In this work, artists sit and stare daily with people queuing up. The artist kept her indifference, but it triggered different emotions among the audience. Some even left in tears. It is very interesting because in this form, the artist's calmness has become a container of emotions, this inclusiveness reminds me of the internet. We do not deliberately pay attention to its existence, but it quietly accepts all people.

Project by Morrow Agent

Conceptual Designer  Aiwu

Interactive Designer GG




这种对望的形式,灵感来自于行为艺术家Marina Abramovic的作品The Artist Is Present。在这个作品里,艺术家每日都与排队而来的人们对坐、凝视。艺术家保持着冷漠,却引发了观众不同的情绪,甚至有人留着泪水离开。这点很有趣,这个形式下,艺术家的冷静成为了一个情绪的容器,这种包容性让我们想到了网络。它的存在不会被刻意关注到,可却静静接纳了人们所有的一切,致敬。


概念设计  怪悟
交互设计  丘仁先

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